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I love the little odds and ends people keep in their pockets. Torn pages, old maps, lucky coins, a compass. Everything has a story. You see someone emptying their pockets—loose change, some bills, a license. And then they pull out an old pocket watch or an envelope that’s been folded over too many times and you perk up. Notebooks are the best. Old moleskines, bursting at the seams, ready to overflow. That’s what really gets me. When the pages are pregnant with stories. Words only they know. And I’m filled with envy that they get to live in those pages. You can learn any number of things from a book. But not those words. I want to know their thoughts, their feelings, their stories. I want to hear them over a glass of wine. I want them over breakfast. I want them in my hands and in my throat. I want them to settle in my stomach.

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Now I want my own travelling journal to be bursting. Well, I always have, but definitely even more so now. I don’t really see people write in their notebooks in the outside world anymore. Shame really. I wanna see what’s in your journal as well. We’re all brilliant in our own way so show me. I’m sure I’ll be touched.


The Last Billboard

A 36-foot-long billboard located at the corner of Highland and Baum in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Every month, a different individual is invited to take over the billboard to broadcast personalized messages, which are spelt out using wooden letters that are changed by hand. 

you can follow its tumblr here. 

I’m going to try that number. I really hope it’s a poem. These signs are amazing.


our ends are beginnings

wow what a picture…

ANNOUNCEMENT! Pioneers Press 2nd Annual “Get Rad Stuff for a YEAR” Contest!


It’s time for our yearly blog contest! Last year it was tumblr-only but this year we’re opening the doors wide to all online sites!

Rules: post a (new) photo of you holding one of the books or zines we’ve published (only books or zines actually published under the name Pioneers Press, though Jessie Duke’s Hard Fifty Farm zine counts too).

Either tag it “Pioneers Press” if you’re on tumblr, or email the photo or a link from your blog, twitter, Facebook, website, etc, to and you’ll be in the running. We don’t want to miss any (we’ll be posting them all here) so don’t forget to tag it or let us know by sending it. Last year we missed a few. 

Winners will be chosen by numbers pulled out of AN ACTUAL HAT. Grand prize (open to US entries only because the shipping will be HEAVY DUTY) one copy of EACH of our books and zines we’ve published AND a year-long subscription to EVERYTHING we publish under the Pioneers Press and Punch Drunk Press banners! (There will be other prizes too.)

Starts NOW ends August 1st! 

Here’s a list of the books and zines we publish.

Here are last year’s winners



Definitely going in on this one as I have adam gnade's the do-it-yourself guide to fighting the big motherfuckin’ sad now. If you have their stuff you should too! it’s pretty neat seeing what sort of people buy their stuff which should be EVERYONE. Seriously, they’re that good hehe.