October 12, 2012
Bold Moves October

So I realize I’m late on this but I have to write about it. This month is bold moves october where you go balls out and fearless in all your endeavors. Here’s a post detailing what it’s about by Date by numbers, one of my favorite tumblrs ever. 

Here are my bold moves so far:

  1. sent a guy I met at a club a text first. (haven’t gotten a reply, but it’s cool, he lives far away from me so I doubt anything would’ve happened)
  2. told b.a. that I can’t see him which started an argument which made me really happy that I wasn’t going to see him, yet sad ‘cuz he told me that I never have to contact or see him again. It shouldn’t matter since we’d never want the same things but man am I ever dampered. 
  3. drove my sister and dad from her high school to home. If you don’t know, I don’t drive really so this new route and longer drive was really exciting for me. I was still scared but hey it’s progress.

That’s all I have so far that I remember, hopefully I’ll pull out more bold moves and get out of this funk. I want to make this month really memorable and do a number of firsts. I’m already making a bucket list on paper and once it’s full I’ll upload it on here. So far, it’s a good start. I’m becoming more independent and hopefully I can stand on my own feet and not be wishy washy.

I don’t like how I’m going to people for permission to do this or that or ask how to do it and if I’m doing it alright when I’m already 24 and should be firmer in my decisions. I need to trust myself more and I think BMO is the perfect place to start.

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